We match each student’s needs to the appropriate institution that can satisfy these needs, taking into considerations such factors as: * Finance *Location *Weather *Courses *Educational history and strength of the student etc.

Career counselling
  • We help get admission offers for students from top ranked Universities and study institutions

  • We assist the student in applying for and obtaining offer from the institution that meets his requirements and qualifications.

  • Strong teams of knowledgeable and qualified staff.

  • We provide advice, information and counselling on visa application processes.

  • We also help in arranging suitable accommodation for the student in his study destination.

  • In-house travel desk to facilitate travel arrangements.

  • We provide pre-departure briefings to give students valuable information that he may need overseas.

  • An excellent dedicated customer service department for quality assurance.


Plot 12, Johnson Street, Off Bode Thomas Road, Surulere, Lagos, Nigeria.

+234 805 6736358


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